Catalinbread Fuzzrite 60's Style Fuzz/Distortion Pedal

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Catalinbread Fuzzrite 60's Style Fuzz/Distortion Pedal

Catalinbread's recreation of the classic late 60's Mosrite Fuzzrite pedal. Splatty, zippery, and thick are just some of the adjectives you could throw around when describing this groovy Fuzz pedal. 

Manufacturer's Description:

"From The Ventures’ “2,000 Pound Bee”, and Iron Butterfly’s “In-A-Gada-Da-Vida”, to the Black Keys, the Fuzzrite has a rich history of taking guitar tones to new levels. We’ve brought the classic silicon circuit back, and added a 9v power supply. 

The Catalinbread Fuzzrite is a faithful reproduction of the classic circuit of the 60s. It’s splatty, raw, and unapologetic. The Depth control adds brightness and gain, while the Volume knob controls your overall output volume."