Crushed Car Parts Gender Bender Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal (Gold)

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Crushed Car Parts Gender Bender Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal (Gold)

The Gender Bender Fuzz Pedal was built right here in the heart of colorful Colorado by Denver pedal-builder Sebastian Przybylski. The Gender Bender is a nod to the Fender Blender Fuzz Pedal, and features 5 silicon transistors for copious amounts of fuzzy tonal goodness. The Gender Bender also features a footswitchable tone-boost that adds some upper frequencies and clarity to the Fuzz signal. With an easy 4 Control layout, the Gender Bender Fuzz pedal can be dialed in to accommodate a variety of fuzz tones. The Level control adjusts the overall volume and output of the pedal, allowing you to either boost the output or reach unity gain. The Sustain control adjusts the amount of fuzz and clipping saturation. The Tone controls serves as an EQ taper, and it allows you to dial in anything from a dark, smooth, and mellow fuzz tone, all the way to a gritty, grinding, saturated fuzz. Finally the Blend control, which is the namesake feature of the pedal, allows you to dial in just the right amount of clean signal with the affected fuzz tone, enabling you to maintain clarity even with ridiculous amounts of fuzz on tap. (Green and Gold Versions Available)