Devilcat Amplifiers "Mr Terry" 30 Watt Class A Tube Amp

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Devilcat Amplifiers "Mr Terry" 30 Watt Class A Tube Amp

From the masterminds at Devilcat Amplifiers this 30 watt class A is a work of art. With it's silky smooth cleans to its tweedy tube screamer type overdrive, this litte beast is here to please. The Mr Terry fearture cascading channels that share one EG. The clean and boost channel, with dirt that has independent volume and gain. Yoiu will also enjoy a long tank reverb and effects loop. Mr Terry also has a 4 or 8 ohm speaker out, a footswitch for dirt and overdrive, all this in a 55lb cabinet covered in a beutiful western style tolex. So weather you are playing Blues, Country, or stright up Rock and Roll, the Mr Terry can get the job done. These killer amps are made with pride and the utmost quality, right here in the good ol USA, Statesboro Georgia to be exact. Great boutique amp that won't break the bank!