Electro-Harmonix 720 looper

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Electro-Harmonix 720 looper

720 Stereo Looper

Congratulations on your interest in the 720 looper! Enjoy 720 total seconds of high-quality, stereo recording time and the ability to store 10 different loops. The 720 looper is packed with features such as reverse and ½ speed effects, playback fadeout, real-time progress display, and a convenient programmable second footswitch.


- 12 minutes of loop recording time
- 10 selectable, independent Loops that remain in memory until you erase them
- High quality uncompressed audio: 24-bit A/D/A, 44.1kHz Sample Rate
- Undo-Redo function (also available via optional footswitch)
- Reverse and ½ speed effects at the touch of a button or a footswitch tap
- Footswitch selectable for Stop or Effects
- Handy playback progress mode with seek function
- Unlimited overdubbing
- Optional external footswitch control for selecting loops and Undo/Redo 
- Adjustable fadeout (trails) time
- Programmable looping order: REC/PLAY/DUB or REC/DUB/PLAY
- AC adaptor included or may be battery powered


WARNING: Your 720 comes equipped with an Electro-Harmonix 9.6DC-200 power supply (same as used by Boss® & Ibanez®: 9.6 Volts DC 200mA). The 720 requires 75mA at 9VDC with a center negative plug. Using the wrong adapter or a plug with the wrong polarity may damage your 720 and void the warranty.