J. Rockett Audio Designs The Majestic Overdrive Pedal

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J. Rockett Audio Designs The Majestic Overdrive Pedal

Fresh from the team at J. Rockett Audio Designs comes The Majestic Overdrive, roughly based on the tones produced from a '59 Les Paul through a cranked Marshall Plexi. With Bass, Treble, Volume, and Gain controls you can tailor the Majestic's tone to nearly any rig. This pedal particularly shines when you run it into an amp that is already on the edge of breakup, pushing that front end into that classic 70's crunch.


Bass: Adjusts the low-end and bass frequencies

Treble: Adjusts the high-end and treble frequencies

Volume: Controls the overall output level of the pedal.

Gain: Controls the overall character of the pedal, less gain for more clarity, and more gain for added saturation and compression. 

Manufacturer's Description:

The Majestic Overdrive is our take on the classic 70’s rock tone. Inspired by Led Zeppelin’s How the West Was Won, we set out to create the ultimate Jimmy Page style overdrive. We made a pedal that has amp like sensitivity, chewy sag and squawk all while letting your guitar’s natural tone shine through. This overdrive is perfect for single coil and humbucker pickups and will fit right at home on any pedalboard ready to rock!