Lava Cable 10ft Premium Series Lava Elec Instrument Cable

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Lava Cable 10ft Premium Series Lava Elec Instrument Cable

The cable is specifically designed for guitar and instrument applications and is designed to be flexible, rugged and provide superior high definition. 99.99% Pure Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) and superior components are used to make a world-class cable capable of superb performance in all situations. The capacitance of the Lava ELC at 21 pF per foot is in the sweet spot range for instrument cables and was purposely chosen to provide the best sound possible. Every aspect of this cable was designed with the guitar player in mind to provide for low microphonics, reliability, and superior frequency response. G&H straight and right angle plugs are used and each cable is assembled using German made WBT Silver Solder. Like all Lava Cable products it comes with a lifetime warranty. G&H Industries Show Savers™ Black/Gold plugs or G&H Quiet Plug 99.99% OFHC pure copper low strand count 20 AWG conductor 23 pF/ft low capacitance 99.99% pure OFHC 98% braided shield for superior RF rejection 4% silver solder to maximize signal flow .305” Outer diameter Matte PVC Jacket for superior Durability