Used: (NOS) Mod-Tone Effects Mini Compressor Pedal

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Used: (NOS) Mod-Tone Effects Mini Compressor Pedal

Make the Mini-Mod Compressor your "silent" partner in tone. Modeled after the most popular compressor ever manufactured, the Mini-Mod Compressor will bring out the brilliance in your tone without doing any more than kicking on a switch. Use it as a subtle tone enhancer or crank it up all the way to do chicken-pickin Nashville style licks just like the pros.

The Mini-Mod Compressor will handle anything you need it to do and still ask for more.


  • Level Knob: controls overall volume
  • Attack Knob: controls the speed of the attack
  • Sustain knob: controls the amount of compression
  • Wedge shaped small footprint
  • All True Bypass
  • Bright Red LED
  • All Metal Chassis
  • High quality jacks
  • High impact switch
  • 10 mA current draw
  • 1M Input Impedance
  • 9v battery powered/9vDC Adapter