Used: (NOS) Mod-Tone Effects Mini Distortion Pedal

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Used: (NOS) Mod-Tone Effects Mini Distortion Pedal

The Mini-Mod Distortion pedal is based after its big brother in the ModTone Pro line. This pedal takes that harmonically rich distortion, makes a few small tweaks and puts it into a new small footprint. The result is the most affordable way to take your current rig into the stratosphere. The Mini-Mod Distortion can handle everything from a slight breakup to the grittiest classic rock. If you're looking for that way to add some extra oomph without breaking the bank, the Mini-Mod Distortion is the pedal for you.


  • Level Knob controls overall volume
  • Tone Knob controls the EQ
  • Gain Knob controls the amount of distortion
  • Wedge shaped small footprint
  • All True Bypass
  • Bright Red LED
  • All Metal Chassis
  • High quality jacks
  • High impact switch
  • 5 mA current draw
  • 9v battery powered / 9vDC power inlet