Used: (NOS) Mod-Tone Mini Chorus Effects Pedal

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Used: (NOS) Mod-Tone Mini Chorus Effects Pedal

Since the first guitarist ran his signal through a rotating speaker, there has been a never ending quest for the perfect chorus effect pedal. Along comes the Mini-Mod Chorus! This guitar pedal has been created to liven your sound by providing a rich, wet, saut‚ed smorgasbord of modulated tone. Now you can sound like you paid hundreds ? while paying a lot less!


  • Level Knob controls amount of chorus
  • Rate Knob controls speed of chorus
  • Depth Knob controls width of chorus
  • Wedge shaped small footprint
  • All True Bypass
  • Bright Red LED
  • All Metal Chassis
  • High quality jacks
  • High impact switch
  • 13 mA current draw
  • 9v battery powered 9vDC power inlet