dB's Sound Education Music Lessons


Located in Denver at Flipside Music, dB's provides a sound education for all who are interested in learning music through the instrument of their choice regardless of age or level. We offer lessons for most popular instruments such as guitar, bass, ukulele, piano and voice.

Pricing and Student Reviews

For more information you can visit: www.dBsSoundEducation.com

Or you can contact us directly at:

dBsSoundEducation@gmail.com or call (720) 924-2588

dB’s is owned and operated by teaching veteran and instructor for jamplay.com, Dave Brown. Dave has been playing for over 20 years, has his degree in Jazz performance for guitar and has taught virtually every kind of player in every kind of circumstance you can think of including as adjunct faculty at the college level. With Dave, lessons are customized to each individual student so that not only do you get to learn what got you excited about music in the first place, but you’ll also the essential tools to make your learning process go as smooth as possible. Dave loves to play and teach most genres of music, but specially geeks out on music theory and fretboard logic because regardless of what genre you want to learn, you have to know how it all plays out on the neck. You can also catch him live around town as the lead guitarist and mandolin player for Pandas and People.


Customer Review:

If you are seeking guitar lessons take this into account: You're going to learn the chords and strum patterns regardless of who teaches you. The trick is finding someone who is passionate about music and teaching it to others.

Outstanding is not a word I sling around haphazardly, but Dave has earned it. Dave is very passionate about his music, is a very talented musician and he sincerely enjoys passing along his knowledge to others. If you chose Dave as your instructor, you will not be disappointed in any way. His price is a great value.
Richard D
Denver CO