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Demogorgon V2.0

The overly wordy and kinda nerdy story of the Demogorgon Fuzz Pedal...
In the stone forests of Nandør, beneath the ice moons of Nørdfink a merry band of adventurers stumbled upon a craftsman. This craftsman was no ordinary machinist, for this smith forged the heaviest material known to exist. Siliconium Transistorite. Forging this material into pedals of bountiful fuzz, the merry band of bards continued their questing in the Doom Lands of South Denver. And there was much rejoicing. . . . For this group of guitar clad adventurers, the Doom-laden riffs produced by such a fuzz pedal had to be shared with the people of the land. The Fuzz Pedal was held aloft, and by divine providence, the land was at peace, for the riffs sustained them. And there was much rejoicing. . . . Several years passed, having proved themselves to be worthy, the adventurers soon came to find themselves in need of more fuzz, more mids, more tone, more doom mana. The craftsman set about forging his greatest creation, a Fuzz pedal of such immeasurable power that it would take all his cunning and knowledge gained through the harnessing of two previous Fuzzes to wield this new found Tone. The machinist also saw fit to fulfill the requests of the adventurers who required more mids, and thus an additional knob was crafted. For this knob controlled the power of the illusive Mids, the one form of power the merry band needed to be even louder and more audible in the Doom Lands. And there was much rejoicing. . . . Thus, the adventurers continued their journey, unsure of where this new Demogorgon would take them. . .
Several years ago when we discussed doing the first iteration of the Demogorgon Fuzz with Matt we initially bit off more than we could chew, throwing around ideas like adding a Mids Control/Boost and Octave Switch, something that eventually became the Deluxe. At that point in time it seemed like a little too much to come out of the gate with, so we sidelined a few features and ultimately arrived at the Green-Russian-Tri-Muff Hybrid we all know and love. After years of loving the Demogorgon we went back to Matt with the original concept and after hammering out a few details in the design, Matt was able to produce what is easily the most fun and greatest sounding fuzz we have ever heard. Everything you love about the V1 and with some features from the Deluxe. Now even more dialed in to deliver those punishing low-tuned fuzz tones we all want.
What's So "Version 2" About It? The Demogorgon V.2 has More Gain, and features the Mids Control/Boost that was on the Deluxe, allowing you to dial in the much sought after midrange that many Muff-style pedals struggle to produce.
Also would you just look at that paint job, just look at it.....

Stomp Under Foot Demogorgon V2 (Purple)

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