J. Rockett Audio Archer Ikon Overdrive/Boost

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J. Rockett Audio Archer Ikon Overdrive/Boost

Fresh to you from California, USA, is the J. Rockett Audio Designs "Archer Ikon" Guitar Overdrive Pedal. Back when Bill Finnegan contracted out the manufacturing of his famous follow up to the fabled Klon Centaur, the KTR, J. Rockett was the team he trusted to bring his pedal to the people. J. Rockett worked alongside Finnegan himself for the production of the KTR's, and was therefore given the exact circuit and parts to work from.

Now J. Rockett has officially launched a full line of their very own guitar effects pedal creations as well as the king of klones, The Archer Ikon.

Manufacturer's Description:

The Archer Ikon is sort of a 2 in one guitar pedal. It can be used as just a clean boost by turning the gain all the way down. As you introduce gain it will attenuate the clean signal but there is a magical blend in between that you will find. Please experiment!!

  • Dimensions: 4.00″ x 2.30″
  • 9 volt Negative tip adaptor and a 5.5mm x 2.1mm jack.
  • 9 volt Battery
  • Buffered Switching
Vendor: J.Rockett Audio
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