LPD Pedals - Seventy4 Preamp

$ 209.99

Lawrence Petross Design - Seventy4 Preamp 2020 Black/Yellow

The LPD Seventy 4 Preamp was designed to deliver the legendary amp sounds of the 70's. The aim of this design was to capture the mid 70's late metal face Plexi and early master volume JMPs.

A full Bass, Mid, and Treble tone stack allows complete control over the frequency shaping of your tone. Presence control to add or cut sparkle to help cut through the mix or blend better with your chosen amp.

Whatever style of 70's guitar tone you prefer, the Seventy 4 can deliver. Built with top quality components and designed with durability and longevity in mind, the Seventy 4 will be rocking solid for years to come.

Powered by a Boss type 9 volt dc center negative power supply. Battery option not available.

Size - L 4.5" x W 2.375" x H 2"
Vendor: LPD Pedals
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