Levy's Leathers 2" Lightning Bolt Guitar Strap

$ 14.99

The Levy’s 2” polyester guitar strap with Lightning design is inspired by the classic heavy metal style. Lightweight and wrinkle-resistant, this strap will easily store in an accessory pocket or small compartment and still look great when you put it on. Using the tri-glide sliding adjustment system, the strap easily extends up to 65” in length to achieve the perfect playing height and comfortable wrist position. The hand-crafted, genuine leather ends with stitched, anti-stretch pin holes provide long-lasting security for your guitar. The smooth polyester surface of the strap is ideal for the musician who prefers a more fluid feel when playing. Created using sublimation printing techniques, the Lightning design is fused with soft-hand polyester webbing to create a durable and color-fast strap.
SKU: MP-18
Vendor: Levy's Leathers
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