Levy's Leathers 2" PRINT SERIES Rainbolt Guitar Strap – MPRB2-004

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Levy's Leathers 2" PRINT SERIES Rainbolt Guitar Strap – MPRB2-004

Manufacturer's Description:


  • Levy’s 2″ wide printed polyester guitar strap
  • Adjustable to 60″
  • One-ply printed polyester guitar strap with suede leather ends and vintage logo. Black plastic loop and slide hardware. Adjustable from 35″ to 60″.
  • Designed by Levy’s industry leading fashion designers.

Product Description
2″ Print Guitar Strap on Polyester with Suede Leather Ends. Black Plastic Slide And Black Suede Ends. Adjustable From 35″to 60″.

SKU: MPRB2-004
Vendor: Levy's Leathers
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