Seymour Duncan Five-Two Telecaster Bridge Guitar Pickup

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Seymour Duncan Five-Two Telecaster Bridge Guitar Pickup

Manufacturer's Description:


Telecaster lead pickup with a special combination of alnico 2 and 5 magnets positioned to deliver tighter lows and sweeter highs.


The Five-Two was originally designed for Nashville studio players who wanted to soften the treble attack on their high strings while retaining all of the articulate snap on the low strings. The result was a mixture of alnico 2 and alnico 5 rod magnets that delivers the best of both worlds. The alnico 2 rods are positioned under the G, B, & E strings to provide sweet treble response. The alnico 5 rods are positioned under the low E, A, & D, strings for a bright, snappy tone with enhanced midrange and articulation. This combination results in an all-around well balanced pickup with traditional output that is neither too bright nor too mushy.Combine with our Five-Two Tele neck rwrp for a perfectly matched, and quiet, set.The authentic look and sound are brought together by waxed cloth hookup wire, standard .187" diameter alnico 2 & 5 rod magnets, and a copper plated steel bottom plate.

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