Service: Guitar Repair

Our guitar tech Sam is available :


Mondays 12pm-4:30pm : Tuesday-Friday 12pm-6pm 


Shop Phone #(888)-598-2637 : Calls will only be answered during operating business hours. Please ask for Sam when it regards any guitar or bass repair. 


Please call the shop with any questions about repairs. Pricing is often adjusted on a per item basis depending on several factors but general services are as follows;




Setup #1 - Stationary Bridge -and/or- Acoustic = $60.00 (No tax on service. Strings not included in price of service.)


Setup #2 - Floyd Rose -and/or- Floating Bridge : $70.00-$75.00 (No tax on service. Strings not included in price of service.)


Electronics Repairs & Mods : Service begins at a minimum of $25.00 but does not often exceed $50.00 per repair or modification depending on complexity. *Price does not include parts*


Pickup Installations - Service begins at $30.00

*Price may vary depending on make, model, or year of product and/or any unforeseen complications that may require work above and beyond the Standard Pickup Installation*

Any additional work and charges beyond the Standard Installation price will be dependent on customer approval before work is completed.

Pickup installations generally do not exceed $60.00 Per Pickup depending on the complexity of the existing wiring scheme and potentiometer configuration (Treble Bleed, Rotary, Push/Pull Pots, etc.)

*Price does not include parts* *Pickups must be purchased prior to installation, either from us or from your prefered retailer/maker*


Please call the Shop Phone during operating hours with any specific questions you may have. Shop Phone #(888)-598-2637

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