Guitar and Bass Repair

Our guitar tech Sam is available : Mondays 12pm-4:30pm : Tuesday-Friday 12pm-6pm 

Shop Phone #(720)-519-1996 : Calls will only be answered during operating business hours. Please ask for Sam when it regards any guitar or bass repair. 

Please call the shop with any questions about repairs. Pricing is often adjusted on a per item basis depending on several factors but general services are as follows;


Flipside Music Guitar Repair
Standard Floyd
Electric Guitar "The Works" Setup: $99 Basic Adjustment $35 $40
Includes: Includes
Electronic Check & Clean Truss Rod Adjust
Truss Rod Adjust Oil Fingerboard
Minor Fret Press/ Ends Intonation/ Action
Oil Fingerboard Restring (strings not included)
Intonation/ Action
Restring (strings not included)
Level, Dress, & Polish Restring (strings not included) $25 $40
Tighten Hardware
Neck Alignment (shim)
Acoustic Guitar "The Works" Setup: $79 Misc Repairs
Includes New Nut (bone)
$50 + parts
Truss Rod adjustment New Nylon/Precut Nut
$30 +parts
Minor Fret Press/ Ends Tuning Key replacement
$20+ parts
Oil Fingerboard & Bridge Pickguard replacement $35
Intonation/ Action Clean and Check Electronics $10
Restring (strings not included) Electronic Solder
$20+ parts
Level, Dress, & Polish Pickup Replacement
$30 each
Tighten Hardware (2+ pickups)
$25 each
Oddball repairs $60/hr
*Estimates available upon request if over $100